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Meet Teri, Founder & CEO of MAK Concepts

Teri McAviney is a straightforward Practice Management Consultant and Transition Expert with over 35 years of experience in the dental industry with a nationwide client base.

Teri’s practical, effective and proven approach to refining dental practices includes comprehensive evaluations, followed by thorough coaching designed to meet individual goals and needs. As a true expert in Transition Coaching, Teri has guided hundreds of practices through the complicated process of buying, selling, and establishing the practice of their dreams. Teri’s credibility and experience is rooted from practical in-office roles, on a clinical and management level, in addition to consulting with a large national dental marketing company, dental software sales, insurance service company and two well-respected consulting companies.

Teri is also known for customized plans and terms based on the individual practice needs. There is not a one-size fits all plan or term, since each practice is unique. MaK Concepts prides it’s decade of success on creating and developing a true personal relationship with their clients and teams.

Teri McAviney

Founder & CEO

Teri McAviney Founder & CEO

Practice Management Services

Our platform for advising and coaching has consistently developed over the past decade. Shifting and adjusting with changing economic climates, and industry trends keep us on the forefront of navigating the complexities of dental practice management.

Practice Evaluations

Practice Evaluations

Practice Evaluations are essentially the first step to establishing a plan or action, whether it’s due diligence for doctors buying a practice, or doctors that want an opinion on the condition of their practice for selling or enhancing their business. A Practice Evaluation points out the strengths and weaknesses of individual practices, and a subsequent plan is then tailored to determine condition and opportunity through a comprehensive report and consultation.

Core Services

  • Production and Collection Trends
  • Practice Statistics and Patient Count Audit
  • Insurance Plan Review
  • Consents and Acknowledgements
  • Chart Review Guidance
  • Accounts Receivables and Credit Balances
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Transition Coaching

Transition Coaching

Transition Coaching is designed for doctors who are embarking on first-time ownership or those that want a professional to guide the transition. This process is critical in designing the necessary foundation to establishing a practice that will grow to its full potential. A hands-on approach by MaK Concepts ensures patient retention, system improvements, and measurements for growth are established.

Core Services

  • Vision and Planning
  • Purchase Agreement Adherence
  • Trust Transfer steps from Seller to Buyer
  • Budget for New Ownership
  • Pre-Closing Business Checklist and Set up
  • Accounts Receivables Transparency
  • Support Team Engagement
  • Goal Setting
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Comprehensive Coaching

Comprehensive Coaching

Comprehensive Coaching is best suited for current practice-owners, and is designed to streamline and organize practice systems. Teams and doctors enjoy the benefits of fine tuning and initiating processes that sustain their practices long-term. Often subtle tweaks and system enhancements provide excellent results. Each practice is unique and a customized plan is established.

Core Services

  • Vision & Business Planning
  • Goal Setting
  • Communication & Patient Relations
  • Leadership & Team Building
  • Front Office Excellence
  • Hygiene Department Review
  • Marketing Review and Opinion
  • Conversion Training
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Monthly Practice Analytics

Monthly Practice Analytics

Monthly Practice Analytics is a service recommended for practices to “stay the course”. Once the foundation of the systems is established, it’s paramount to track and keep transparency and benchmarks in focus, allowing teams and doctors stay ahead of negative trending and adjust accordingly. Monthly reporting / phone calls keep practices informed and motivated to reach goals and ensure long-term results.

Core Services

  • Team Accountability
  • Overhead Balance
  • Production/Collection Measurements
  • Marketing Results Tracking (ROI)
  • Trending & Forecasting
  • Hygiene & Doctor Productivity
  • Accounts Receivable Transparency
  • Patient Count Markers
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What Doctors Say About MAK Concepts

We’ve worked with hundreds of practices across the United States. Below are some of the recent Doctors we’ve worked with in helping them transition, grow, or sell their practice.

  • Dr. Jenny Caruso Dr. Jenny Caruso

    I’ve worked with Teri McAviney since 2012 when I acquired my dental office. She set the new groundwork for my office which was an existing older dental practice. Her coaching is customized, thorough, easy to understand, and implement. Her coaching involved practice owner leadership, front and back office staff training, and ALL aspects of business. I have learned and continue to learn so much from her. She has been with me every step of the way. I highly recommend her services.

  • Dana M. Nichols, DMD Dana M. Nichols, DMD

    Teri was recommended to me while living in Ohio and starting the process of purchasing a practice in California. I was so impressed with her depth of knowledge and attention to detail during the due diligence process, that I signed on with her to help with the transition. Teri’s hands-on approach was an immeasurable asset to my transition, and the systems place continue to be the cornerstone of our continued growth. After 20+ years in this profession, I have never met someone as committed and passionate about practice growth and achieving the success we all dream of. I am honored to highly recommend Teri and Mak Concepts to anyone looking to take their practice to the next level.

  • Dr. Mark Galli Dr. Mark Galli

    My 6 years of working with Teri McAviney have been nothing short of awesome. When I planned to purchase a second practice and move my current one into that location, I knew I would need a talented transition specialist to ensure a smooth process. I would be combining two teams, never an easy feat, taking over for a well respected senior doctor who had 30 years of goodwill, something I didn't want to squander, and combining computer software systems, requiring the data compilation of a seasoned statistician. After choosing Teri from a talented pool of consultants and specialists, she quickly became like part of the team. Our transition was nearly seamless and the data acquisition and analysis over the next few months was so valuable and useful that I hired her permanently as a practice analyst. We now have a professional relationship that is an indelible and invaluable part of my career.

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